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Product-Led Growth Foundations

Keen on making the transition to a Product-Led Growth model? This 2 hours long crash course will offer you at a glance anything you need to know in regards to PLG foundations & the metrics behind them.

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2 Hours Live-Online

Learn, engage and dive into Product-Led foundations from the comfort of your screen

Handouts & Frameworks  

Lifetime access to course material & recordings to revise at your own pace

Certification of Completion

Get certified from the industry’s leading PLG academy

Course Contents

Who the Program Concerns

Our programs offer the opportunity to expand your business knowledge by capitalizing on PLG foundations. If your role has a direct impact on the customer journey our programs will excel your expertise, offer and increase your attractiveness to potential employers or simply help your business generate more revenue.

SaaS Organizations

Businesses that want to capitalize on customer feedback and product usage, become proactive towards customers’ needs and eliminate hand-holding.


In need to create a scalable business model and use the product as the main growth lever, no matter the stage they are currently in.

SaaS Executives

In need to develop a set of competitive skills similar to those acquired by professionals driving Product-Led Growth in leading SaaS organizations.

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Tons of ❤️ From Our Learners

“Great trainings and diverse range of perspectives on all things PLG, from trainers that have proven record and hands-on experience on the matter.”

Ines Liberato, Head of Product Innovation at Tax Systems

“Extremely valuable learnings on how Product-Led Growth can help the product become the No1 growth lever & embrace cross-alignment.”

Maria Ligouriati, Product Owner at Insurance Market
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