Oji Udezue

Chief Product Officer, Typeform

Oji Udezue is an experienced Product leader of large software organizations, with stints in marketing, sales, engineering, and design leadership. He has a track record for building customer-centric products and bringing them to market while managing and mentoring high-performance teams. He is currently the Chief Product Officer @ Typeform.com, a product that strives to make the web more human.

He is known for bringing product-led growth (PLG) mindset to the companies he joins. He led the Content, Creation, and Conversation team @ Twitter – leading Tweets, DMs, Spaces, the Creators Initiative, and more. He was also formerly Chief Product Officer at Calendly where he helped 5x the company and turn it into a unicorn. He was also Head of Product for Atlassian’s Communication division where he led product strategy & execution for Atlassian Stride, launching Atlassian’s first product post-IPO. He has held product leadership positions at Spiceworks and at Bridgewater Associates, which he joined after over a decade in Product Management at Microsoft.

In his free time, he mentors startups, focusing on companies with diverse and women founders and B2B SaaS as ProductMind. He’s the Managing Partner of the Kernel Fund which invests in startups in Africa and a member of the Board of Directors at Quitch.

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Oji Udezue

Upcoming Sessions

May, 30, 2024
14:10 -
14:40 EEST
Product-Led Growth

Forward to the Future: How to be Successful at PLG in the Age of AI

PLG, or Product-Led Growth, is reshaping how we build top-tier, rapidly expanding software companies. This shift comes with advancements in cloud technology, changes in how enterprises buy products, and the rise of subscription software. It's also a customer-centric approach to delivering software value. But what does this mean in the age of large language models and widely available artificial intelligence?
Oji Udezue, Chief Product Officer at Typeform plans to explore both new and established frameworks, metrics, and mindsets that can harness thoughtful AI as businesses adopt a PLG approach. To achieve that, he'll use his recent experience developing cutting-edge tech at Twitter and Typeform to offer practical insights into the next phase of product development and software company growth.
Oji Udezue
Oji Udezue
Chief Product Officer, Typeform

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