Product-Led Onboarding:

The Framework To Unlock Product-Led Growth

Learn how to drive PLG & digital adoption by putting the customer front and center of the product experience.

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Product-Led Onboarding (PLO) Defined

Product-Led onboarding (PLO) ™ as a definition was coined by  ReinventGrowth on May 2019, and is a direct result of “The State of Product-Led Growth” research conducted on 40+ Product-Led organizations. The book’s contents are going to reflect on the results, frameworks and case studies the research derived. 

Product-Led Onboarding is defined as a set of data-driven product engagement practices, that consider behavioral notions and users’ proficiency. As a strategy, it avoids random feature introduction to users. Instead, it exploits historic data and considers users’ skill levels when exploring a product for the first time. Contextual guidance is its main pillar and enables organizations to double down on product experience and users’ workflow early on.

Why Should You Care?

Self-Serve Thrives

Self serve experiences have now become a norm. It is imperative for SaaS organizations to deliver tailored onboarding experiences, directly reflecting on end-users needs.

Trialists Don't Convert

You get a huge chunk of sign ups which never convert to paid accounts and you need to find a framework enabling users to experience the full value of your product.

Human Capital Investment

You need to make customer facing teams proactive towards customers’ needs, unite them under the same set of KPIs and embrace digital adoption across the fold. 

Table of Contents

Product-Led Onboarding

The Framework to Unlock Product-Led Growth.


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About The Author

Despina Exadaktylou

PLG Consultant, Founder & Director Of Programs
Product-Led Growth Hub

Despina is the founder and Director of Programs at Product-Led Growth Hub, World’s #1 PLG academy. After spending years researching the SaaS ecosystem & consulting some of the world’s fastest growing organizations, today she trains and helps Product & CX teams to uncover their Product-Led Growth levers.

Developing a scalable, systematic account and user onboarding process is not optional anymore, it’s a necessity. Today, organizations using their product to lead their GTM initiatives need to show value and convert signups quickly.

The book is a must read, for any organization looking to succeed with a PLG strategy!

CEO of Syncari, former founding CEO of Aptrinsic, former EVP of Product at Marketo, Author "Mastering Product Experience In SaaS"


Anyone directly involved with customer experience – which in a Product-Led strategy equally involves product and customer facing teams. Whether you belong in product, customer success, support, sales or product marketing this book is for you.


Put simply, everything you need to succeed with your user onboarding strategy. From the Product-Led Onboarding (PLO) framework down to best practices, KPIs and real results as mapped via the State of Product-Led Growth research, conducted on 40+ Product-Led organizations.

We don’t have an exact ETA yet but you should not expect it later than the end of 2021.

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Product-Led Onboarding: The Framework to Unlock Product-Led Growth