Workshop: The PLG Customer Journey


This course is part of the #FightCovid initiative. The interactive 3 hours long workshop will analyze step by step the PLG customer journey touchpoints. Bootcampers will leave with advanced knowledge on how they can apply PLG foundations & product data analysis during acquisition, activation, retention & expansion. The session’s agenda will entail:

  1. Setting-up a product data collection mechanism
  2. Understanding users’ role & customer journey specifics
  3.  Establishing Product-Led Growth Metrics
  4. Product-Led Onboarding intro & impact on the customer journey.
  5. Using product data analysis to make better-informed decisions
  6.  Best practices to consider when delivering a Product-Led Customer journey
  7. Creating your growth funnel with stakeholders
  8. Managing horizontally: Leverage your team to experiment
  9. Learn from results
  10.  Q&A
  11. Assessment: Putting together a PLG Customer Journey