Tech Touch Onboarding with Gainsight PX

This is a free course part of the PLG Bootcamp #FightCovid initiative sponsored by Product-Led Growth Hub and Gainsight. In Saas, since barriers to canceling subscriptions are virtually nonexistent, there is a strong need for successful onboarding as users can churn at any time and sign up for a competitor’s product in just a few clicks. Every time a user is in your product, it is your opportunity to speak to them. Harshita Banka, Technical Success Manager Enterprise at Gainsight PX will deliver a hands-on Tech-Touch onboarding session  where you will learn how to:

  • Scale your customer onboarding in a data-driven fashion
  • Deploy the right messaging at the right time
  • Provide white-glove service and a personalized product experience
  • Help customers achieve their outcomes with your Product