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Product-Led Growth Webinars

July’s live events focus on all topics around product strategy, Product Marketing GTM Activations

and the challenges faced by PMs when navigating through different products.

What you'll learn

The Essential Guide to Product Discovery

Scott Baldwin, Product Excellence Consultant at Productboard, will explain how product teams can actively capture, research, and prioritize needs while collecting and validating solution ideas for addressing them.

Best GTM Practices for Product Marketing

Jonathan Maimon Head of Product Marketing at Elementor, will explain why the Go-To-Market strategy is one of the most fundamental roles of a Product Marketing Manager and why PMMs are in charge of not only telling the story of the product, but also coordinating its delivery across multiple channels and stakeholders inside and organization.

From Startups to Global Products

Saurabh Pareek Senior PM at Paypal will explain how the role, experience & expectations of a PM changes considerably no matter if he works at a small scale startup v/s hyper-growth startup v/s a global enterprise and why navigating across organizations of different scales can be both fun as well as challenging.

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