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The State of
Product-Led Growth 2022

We embarked on a mission to map Product-Led Growth best practices. Join us today to get the results in your inbox first!

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The State of Product-Led Growth 2022

The delivery of stellar Product-Led experiences is not optional anymore. It is the one competitive advantage following successful SaaS organizations. Even more, it is now expected across the spectrum.  IT consumerization, the increasing customer demands, and the acceleration of digital transformation only embrace this outcome. At Product-Led Growth Hub, we embarked on a mission to map Product-Led Growth best practices across the SaaS landscape. Our commitment is to help reshape the SaaS growth mindset via the lens of PLG.

To achieve that we decided to explore a variety of domains the likes of Product, Marketing, Sales, Engineering, UX, and Support to uncover what it takes to deliver products customers love. 

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