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June 5, 2024

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Summit 2024

The upcoming summit, presents a unique opportunity to underscore the immense importance of diversity and inclusion in today’s workplace. The event will not only highlight the significance of these principles, but also showcase exemplary practices from the technology industry and other sectors. Our objective is to demonstrate how, together, we can shape the future of work and the primary goal is to establish the summit as a prominent platform that prioritizes the cultivation of a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Main Agenda

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion as a Culture

Company culture – an important yet often neglected topic – will be highlighted as the dominant force which evolves the workforce, increases employee retention and transforms them into advocates. The discussions will focus primarily on diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging, company values, cultural fit, talent, equal pay, generation gap, toxic job, supporting tech communities, employer branding, job interviewing and more.

Career Growth for ERGs

This track will focus on the importance of employee resource groups (ERGs) in promoting diversity, inclusion, and employee engagement. It will also cover ways organizations can support ERGs through leadership guidance, goal-setting, professional development, networking, recognition, leadership roles, and feedback evaluation.

Breaking Into Tech

We will seek to uncover what prevents executives from breaking into the tech field and share best practices on creating a great career path that allows them to thrive both on a personal and professional level. The goal is to empower professionals and graduates by proving that it’s never too early or too late to start changing your life’s course!

Wellbeing & Mental Health

The effects of social distancing, rapid lifestyle changes, increased unemployment rates, lockdowns,imposter syndrome, emotional stress, and many other factors end up being extremely damaging to female executives’ overall well-being. We will explore coping mechanisms that extinguish burnout, stress management techniques and how to deal with anxiety & depression.

Neurodiversity in the Workplace

This track will analyze best practices for accepting and identifying neurological differences as natural variations rather than disorders in the modern workplace. The agenda will dive into embracing neurodiversity and creating an inclusive environment that involves accommodating and supporting neurodivergent employees, leading to increased innovation and productivity.

Future of Work

We will focus on the future of work, including topics such as emerging technologies, remote work, upskilling, and employee well-being. Attendees will learn practical strategies for thriving in the evolving landscape, embracing technologies such as AI, effectively managing remote teams, continuous learning, and promoting work-life balance.

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