Product-Led Growth Bootcamp

May 18-22, 2020

Get Trained By World-Class Leaders


The Bootcamp is an accelerated learning program by Product-Led Growth Hub, for executives & organizations to learn first-hand the best approaches and practices PLG incorporates. The 5 days long program will provide hands-on training of how these learnings can be integrated to inform strategic business decisions along with how orgs can evangelize a remote-first culture.

What You'll Get

20+ Guest Trainers & Featured Speakers

Yariv Zur

Yariv Zur, VP of Product at Anodot

Sophie Lalonde

Sophie Lalonde, Sr. Product Manager at Productboard


Ashvin Vaidyanathan, Chief Customer Officer at Gainsight


Mickey Alon, Co-Founder Gainsight PX

Sujan Patel

Suzan Patel, Founder at Mailshake

Andy Mura,Head Of Marketing at ExB Group

Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson, Product Director at Email On Acid


Watch 20+ Sessions On-Demand

9 – 10 am PST PLG Academy Kick-Off
10 – 11 am PST Fireside Chat: Covid19 the day after
11 – 12 pm PST AMA with Ashvin Vaidyanathan: Fighting churn during the COVID crisis
12 – 1 pm PST Breakout Session: The true impact of Start-ups on society in times of crisis.

9 – 10 am PST Product Marketing in the Product-Led Era
10 – 11 am PST Product OPS Fundamentals & Best Practices
11 – 12 pm PST Remote Collaboration Processes
12- 1 pm PST Creating the ultimate PLG strategy

8-9 am PST Product-Driven Customer Support
9 – 10 am PST The Voice of the Customer: Product & CS Alignment
10 – 11 am PST Product-Led Onboarding
11 – 12 pm PST How to build your remote HR tech-stack
12 – 1 pm PST Fireside Chat: The Importance of Data in the Covid Era

9 – 10 am PST Product-Led Engineering
10 – 11 am PST UX Research: Intro to Empathy Maps
11 – 12 pm PST Fireside Chat: Digital Transformation in the times of crisis
12 – 1 pm Product-led growth for B2B – Delivering value at scale using tech-touch
1 – 2 pm Tech-Touch Onboarding with Gainsight PX

10 – 12 pm PST Workshop: The Product-Led Customer Journey
12-1 pm PST: How to Drive Sustainable Adoption with Gainsight PX
1- 2 pm PST: Product analytics & instrumentation, under data-driven roadmapping

Who Should Attend

Our programs offer the opportunity to professionals & organizations to expand their business knowledge by capitalizing on PLG foundations. In particular the bootcamp’s training programs are for:

  • Graduates and new talent in need to acquire skills and accelerate their career path across the SaaS ecosystem.
  • SaaS executives in need to develop a set of competitive skills similar to drive Product-Led Growth in their organizations.
  • Startups that want to create a scalable business model and use the product as the main growth lever
  • Established businesses in need to manage customer feedback and product usage and become proactive towards customers? needs.

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