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Diversity And Inclusion DEI Summit 2024

March 8, 2024
10:00 -
DEI Business Intelligence - Extracting Data with DEI
The Power of AI in Business Intelligence (BI) from the perspective of Data extraction is immense. BI Developers and Data Scientists are well-versed in manipulating data once they have it. However, obtaining the data in a structured manner and establishing connections can be a significant challenge, especially for rapidly growing organizations that deal with numerous documents. In such cases, employees often have to manually input data into systems or Excel files.

This is where AI becomes a game-changer for BI Developers. It enables us to access data that was previously inaccessible, making the process easier and faster. With more data at our disposal, we can achieve more accurate results and uncover hidden opportunities for business growth. The potential for faster expansion is tremendous.
Alexa Grabell
Alexa Grabell
Co-Founder & CEO, Pocus
DEI Intelligence

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