Christina Leimoni

Chief Operations Officer Southeastern Europe, Microsoft

Christina is a visionary leader dedicated to empowering public entities, private companies, and individuals to deliver exceptional customer experiences, foster inclusive economic growth, and create successful products and services. Guided by the values of People, Passion, and Authenticity, she brings a wealth of experience in the software industry, driving value through innovation, partnerships, and ecosystems. She firmly believes that technology is a key enabler for collective achievement.

She is passionate about creating a culture that nurtures talent, fosters ideas and execution, drives technology intensity, and fuels durable success for any organization on a daily basis. As the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Microsoft Southeast Europe, she leads the marketing and operations strategy and execution across 14 countries. With over 17 years of experience in sales and marketing leadership roles, she has a passion for developing and executing strategies that deliver 10x impact, revenue growth, customer satisfaction, and competitive advantage.

Her core competencies include sales and partner enablement, sales transformation projects, global learning and development strategy, marketing strategy and propositions, and field force effectiveness programs. She is also an accredited coach and trainer, committed to building diverse and inclusive teams that reflect their customers, partners, and communities. She enjoys working with smart, creative people who share her vision of using technology to empower individuals and organizations to achieve more.

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Christina Leimoni

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May, 30, 2024
16:00 -
16:30 EEST

[Roundtable Discussion] How to Create an Inclusive Culture and Improve Recruitment Diversity in Tech

This roundtable discussiom aims to provide guidance on how to foster an inclusive culture and enhance recruitment diversity within the tech industry. By implementing these strategies, companies can create a more welcoming environment for individuals from diverse backgrounds, leading to improved innovation, productivity, and overall success.

Key Points of Discussion
1) How do you create a culture that values diversity and promotes inclusivity? Which are the methods that help to encourage open dialogue, respect different perspectives, and provide opportunities for professional growth and development?
2) What are some challenges that tech businesses often face in becoming a more inclusive brand? How can you implement unbiased hiring practices? What actions can you take to enhance the inclusiveness and accessibility of your recruitment processes?
3) How can tech leaders embrace the value of inclusion as a driver for growth and success in the tech industry and encompass different perspectives, experiences, and ideas?
4) How can you establish Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives and develop specific initiatives and programs aimed at increasing diversity within the organization?
5) How do you regularly monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of diversity and inclusion efforts?
Elena Aktypi
Elena Aktypi
Managing Director, We Lead
Christina Leimoni
Christina Leimoni
Chief Operations Officer Southeastern Europe, Microsoft

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How to build great teams: A D&I blueprint
What are we really doing by not being inclusive? We miss out on talent and we are not relevant! Where does it start from and how can companies progress by having an inclusive first mindset - in recruiting, interviewing, employee onboarding & corporate culture? In this session, Christina Leimoni, Chief Operating Officer at Microsoft will discuss how we can we help more people access technology and the industry, and embrace female leaders’ future in technology.
Christina Leimoni
Christina Leimoni
Chief Operations Officer Southeastern Europe, Microsoft
Diversity & Inclusion

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