A Day with a Product-Led Organization

What You'll Learn

Product-Led Foundations

Get processes and insights that cover every necessary aspect of putting together a product-led organization.

Product Operations Role

Discover the importance of putting together and expanding a Product Ops organization.

The Customer Feedback Imperative

Learn how customer feedback can become your greatest growth lever and the vehicle to drive PLG.

Featured Speakers

Dan Dalton, Sr. Product Manager, Pendo

Todd Olson, Founder & CEO, Pendo

Christine Itwaru, Sr. Director of Product Ops., Pendo

Hannah Chaplin, Product Director, Pendo


AMA with Todd Olson: The Product-Led Organization

Despina Exadaktylou, Founder at Product-Led Growth Hub will sit down with Todd Olson Founder & CEO at Pendo to discuss what it takes for SaaS executives to create a solid Product-Led foundation across and within their organizations.

Product Ops: A Secret Weapon for Product-Led Organizations

Christine Itwaru, Sr. Director of Product Operations at Pendo will explain why Product Ops is a critical investment for any product-led strategy and how Product teams must rethink the way they build and release software to accelerate adoption and ensure customer success.

Putting Together a Data-Driven Customer Feedback Process

Hannah Chaplin Product Director and Dan Dalton Sr. Product Manager at Pendo explain how centralized qualitative feedback effectively can align with quantitative data into a single picture along with how it can be turned into a data-driven force for any product-led organization.


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