Using AI to optimize 5G Networks
To tackle the flexibility and complexity of 5G networks, we need solutions that prioritize security, reliability, and resource allocation for customers. These solutions should be dynamic, robust, and trustworthy, while also reducing the environmental impact of the networks.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have gained global recognition as crucial tools for future networks. Christos Rizos, Head of Big Data, Analytics, AI, Orchestration at Intracom Telecom, will analyze how to strategically focus on AI & ML to drive innovation and maintain a competitive edge. The main objectives to be analyzed include:
1. Minimizing energy consumption and carbon footprint in 5G network deployments.
2. Proactively identifying and addressing performance and reliability issues.
3. Intelligently managing and mitigating interference.
3. Predicting and enhancing the Customer Network Experience.
4. Optimizing Network Planning.
Christos Rizos
Christos Rizos
Head of Big Data, Analytics, AI, Orchestration, Intracom-Telecom
Thursday, November 2, 2023
12:50 -
13:10 EEST
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Christos Rizos
Head of Big Data, Analytics, AI, Orchestration, Intracom-Telecom

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Christos Rizos

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