Who is it for?

Current and aspiring
Tech Leaders, Decision & Policy Makers

A.I. Summit is the gathering for tech leaders, decision and policy makers who want to explore and leverage the power of artificial intelligence.

Senior Business Analysts, Data Scientists, ML Engineers & S/W Engineers, technology and business strategists, IT professionals, and decision-makers in organisations considering or actively working on AI adoption.

Curious about how AI fits into current systems, folks who check the value of AI spending, and experts eager to learn about new stuff in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing.

Ethicists and Compliance Officers, Cybersecurity Experts and Privacy Advocates, Legal Professionals specialising in Technology Law

  • Facing challenges in complying with AI regulations and need help in understanding and navigating the legal frameworks for AI governance and regulation.
  • Interested in the ethical development and implementation of AI systems and concerned with issues such as bias mitigation, algorithmic transparency, and the reliability of AI-driven decision-making processes.

HR & Talent Acquisition Leaders and Sr. Tech Executives & Tech Leaders

In need to understand the transformative power of AI in the workplace and particularly those seeking insights on navigating the evolving job market, harnessing AI for professional growth, and adapting to the changing demands of the workforce.

Business Strategists and Analysts, Innovation Leaders and Research Scientists

Interested in learning about the impact of generative AI on various fields such as healthcare, business, and innovation at large and are keen on understanding how Gen AI is driving progress and creating new opportunities.

LeadAI Forum: Curated for Directors, VPs, CPOs, CDOs, CIOs & CTOs

As well as bringing your team to A.I., you have the opportunity to directly connect with more senior leaders in similar roles by attending the LeadAI Forum. The event entails curated content for top-level executives including Directors, VPs, CPOs, CDOs, CIOs, and CTOs enabling them to exchange innovative ideas and cutting-edge strategies.

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