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May 30, 2024

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PLG Disrupt Summit 2024

This year’s event boasts over 38 sessions, featuring 40+ leeaders selected from more than 300 submissions. The agenda covers leadership skills, artificial intelligence, the skills needed for the next generation of tech and product leaders, and numerous workshops aimed at up-skilling you and your team(s).
Get ready for a day packed with real-world case studies and new perspectives on well-known engineering and product management challenges. Expect exceptional networking opportunities.

Main Agenda

Navigating the Dynamic Landscape of a Product Strategy in Fluid Times

We’ll delve into key elements for success in uncertainty, such as visionary thinking, pragmatic decision-making, and flexibility to pivot. Participants will learn to craft a roadmap that balances long-term objectives with short-term adaptability. Additionally, we’ll discuss the importance of data analytics in driving product development and innovation through informed decisions based on data trends. Lastly, we’ll examine the significance of cultivating a resilient culture within product teams, encouraging open communication, collaboration, and experimentation. Attendees will also discover strategies for monitoring competition to inform proactive product strategies.

Scaling Globally: Striking the Ideal Balance Between Expansion and Local Customization

Join Amber Clifford as she explores the product strategy fundamental to a critical business decision: international expansion. In this session, Amber will outline her methodology for initiating new markets from a product perspective. She will concentrate on the strategies she utilizes to decide between hyper-localization and a scaled approach. Acquire invaluable knowledge from her broad expertise as an expert in international expansion, with work experience spanning more than 120 countries and territories with organizations such as Uber Eats and Disney+.


Amber Clifford
Founder, Murai International Consulting (Ex-Disney+, Ex-Uber)

Act Like an Owner, Challenge Like a VC

As the QA landscape undergoes this revolutionary transformation with the integration of Generative AI, it is apparent that we are embarking on a new era of software testing. The evolution of QA showcases the industry’s relentless pursuit of efficiency, accuracy, and comprehensive coverage. In this workshop we will go through example of such systems nowdays like Github Copilot and ChatGPT and provide practical examples how they can be used for developing a more coprehensive testing strategy for React Components and UI testing. While these AI aids can generate code snippets, human guidance is crucial for refining and validating the suggested tests. It discusses the evolution of AI tools, including GitHub’s TestPilot and Copilot X, and raises privacy concerns related to cloud-based solutions.


Fabrice des Mazery
CPO, Tripadvisor

Leading in the AI era: Managing Priorities, Innovation & Resources

In the era of artificial intelligence, leaders need to adapt their strategies to include AI in their businesses and effectively manage priorities. Innovation is key, fostering a culture that welcomes change and learning. But it’s also important to allocate resources wisely. Investments in AI should match long-term goals while balancing current operations with future growth. Strategic planning must consider market trends and core strengths. In this theme we’ll look at why leaders need strategic foresight, agility, and openness to new leadership approaches to succeed in the age of AI.

More sessions to be announced soon..

Career vectors : Mixing & Matching Skillsets when Climbing up the Ladder

Climbing the career ladder in any profession can be a daunting challenge, but for product managers and software engineers, this journey is fraught with its own unique set of complexities and requirements. As these professionals go higher up this ladder, the skillsets they need evolve significantly. We have cumulated some of the brightest minds in tech to share their experiences and strategies to help you grow successfully.

More sessions to be announced soon..

Building Tech & Product Teams that Deliver Results

Expect to hear from industry leaders who have successfully built and managed dynamic teams. They’ll share their insights on what makes a team effective and how to foster a culture of creativity and productivity. You will have the opportunity to learn from real-life examples where tech and product teams faced challenges and overcame them through innovative team-building strategies.

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Do your Teams Deliver Software or Value?

In the dynamic environment of SaaS companies, addressing software complexity is paramount for engineering leaders. Subsequently, the emphasis shifts from simple software delivery to generating genuine value. This session by George Nikolaropoulos, SVP of Engineering at GWI will highlight user-centric development, agile methodologies, and data-driven decision-making as essential for delivering not only software but also substantial, enduring value to users.


George Nikolaropoulos

George Nikolaropoulos
SVP of Engineering, GWI

Managing in a Post-Agile World

Although Agile initially led to a boost in productivity, it has become evident that things have reverted back to their previous state. Many individuals have rightly observed this. As one of the original authors of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, David Thomas will delve into what went wrong and propose ways to restore the true essence and benefits of agility, while eliminating the excessive hype that currently surrounds it.


David Thomas
Author of The Pragmatic Programmer

Up-Skilling the Next Generation of Tech & Product Leaders

We offer hands-on workshops in over 20 sessions for product and tech leaders. Topics include artificial intelligence, product strategy, discovery, analytics, design, DevOps, software architecture, development, user experience, security, and more! 

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Unleashing the Power of Azure: Revolutionizing Cloud Platform Engineering

Join this compelling workshop led by Athanasios Kataras, the Global Azure Cloud Engineering Lead at Mondelēz International. The session will concentrate on the transition from on-premises infrastructure to data centers and then to the cloud.

The workshop will highlight Agile/DevOps methodologies as essential for a seamless move to cloud services. We shall also examine the shift-left strategy within the cloud era and its potential to transform your development workflow.

We shall discuss various cloud services that can enable your enterprise to adopt this strategy effectively. Moreover, we will investigate the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and its role in designing solutions on the Azure cloud platform. Attendees will obtain an understanding of the prescriptive architecture that CAF offers, aiding your journey to cloud adoption…


Athanasios Kataras,
Global Azure Cloud Engineering Lead, Mondelēz International

Retrieval-Augmented Generation for Talking with your Private Data Using LLM

In this presentation, we will introduce the Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) architecture. This technique uses natural language capabilities of Large Language Model (LLM) to query a private database. You can literally ask question about your data, without the need to fine-tune an LLM. In the lab session we will design a RAG system in Python using Langchain, an open source framework. We will store private documents in a vector database (i.e. Elasticsearch) and ask questions using natural language thanks to the usage of an LLM (e.g. ChatGPT).


Enrico Zimuel
Tech Lead & Principal Software Engineer, Elastic

#LeadTech Forum

Strategic Leadership in the Age of AI: Maximizing Potential through Technology

Tech leaders must understand AI to use it well and keep learning about new AI trends. They should encourage creative thinking and risk-taking in their teams. Having this in mind we will provide a guide that explores the intersection of strategic innovation and artificial intelligence (AI). The section will delve into how organizations can leverage AI to unlock new opportunities, drive growth, and stay competitive in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.
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[Roundtable Discussion] Unleashing the Power of A.I.: Navigating the Ethical Frontier in Product Development and Software Engineering

In this roundtable session, we will explore the ethical considerations surrounding artificial intelligence (A.I.) in product development. As A.I. continues to advance and become more integrated into our daily lives, it is crucial to examine the potential ethical implications that arise from its use.

During this session, participants will engage in a collaborative discussion to address questions such as:
1) How can we ensure that A.I. algorithms are fair and unbiased?
2) What are the potential risks and consequences of relying heavily on A.I. in product development?
3) How can we balance innovation and progress with ethical considerations?

Through sharing insights, experiences, and best practices, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the ethical challenges associated with A.I. in product development.


Panos Bassios
Digital, Data & Analytics Director, MSD

Incorporating a Diverse & Inclusive Culture in Tech

Diversity and inclusion are crucial aspects of tech and product leadership. In today’s rapidly evolving world, it is essential for organizations to embrace diversity in order to drive innovation and success. By fostering an inclusive environment, companies can tap into a wide range of perspectives, experiences, and ideas, leading to more creative problem-solving and better decision-making.
We will discuss how leaders can embrace, attract and retain top talent from all backgrounds, ensuring a diverse workforce that reflects the diverse customer base and create a more equitable and forward-thinking industry that benefits everyone involved.
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[Roundtable Discussion] How to Create an Inclusive Culture and Improve Recruitment Diversity in Tech

This roundtable discussiom aims to provide guidance on how to foster an inclusive culture and enhance recruitment diversity within the tech industry. By implementing these strategies, companies can create a more welcoming environment for individuals from diverse backgrounds, leading to improved innovation, productivity, and overall success.

Key Points of Discussion
1) How do you create a culture that values diversity and promotes inclusivity? Which are the methods that help to encourage open dialogue, respect different perspectives, and provide opportunities for professional growth and development?
2) What are some challenges that tech businesses often face in becoming a more inclusive brand? How can you implement unbiased hiring practices? What actions can you take to enhance the inclusiveness and accessibility of your recruitment processes?
3) How can tech leaders embrace the value of inclusion as a driver for growth and success in the tech industry and encompass different perspectives, experiences, and ideas?
4) How can you establish Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives and develop specific initiatives and programs aimed at increasing diversity within the organization?
5) How do you regularly monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of diversity and inclusion efforts?

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