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Building a Customer Feedback Process to Drive Product-Led Growth

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Session Overview

Customer feedback assessment and collection is imperative when Product-Led Growth is at play. In this session by PLG Disrupt,  Ingmar Zahorsky, VP Customer Success at ChartMogul will discuss strategies on how to work with customer feedback and usage data across departments to drive PLG.

Session’s key takeaways:

  1. How to collect and share product feedback
  2. Approaches to analyse churn
  3. Impact of cross-departmental CS on product adoption
  4. Understanding and improving ROI
  5. Ways to align your customer requirements with the roadmap

About The Speaker

Ingmar Zahorsky is the VP of Customer Success at ChartMogul. He is currently running a global fully remote success organization that is responsible for the post-sales-functions. As an early member of ChartMogul, he established the customer advocacy, solutions, and success management teams and is passionate about process and data-driven approaches to customer success that result in outstanding customer experiences and deliver desired outcomes.

Ingmar Zahorsky, VP Customer Success Chartmogul

Ingmar Zahorsky

VP of Customer Success at ChartMogul.

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