Carlos Sousa

VP of Engineering, Outsystems

An engineer by nature, Carlos is passionate about software architecture. His motto? “There must be a better way,” which he applies to everyday tasks. Born and raised as a professional in the Baking industry, Carlos worked for several major and global banks, architecting and deploying high-performance backend applications. Joined OutSystems in 2014, as an Architecture Expert, where he helped several companies start their OutSystems journey on the right foot.

He later joined the OutSystems Digital team, as part of the Architecture group, focusing on complex problems, such as Big Data, Identity Management, Integration, and the overall OutSystems Digital Strategy. In 2019 he joined the OutSystems Engineering team, leading the Product Architecture team, and is currently a VP of Engineering responsible for some of the key Product initiatives.

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Carlos Susa

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PLG Disrupt Summit 2023

May, 30, 2024
17:20 -
17:40 EEST

Unleashing the Power of Collaboration: Amplifying Results Through Shared Leadership

Engineering and Product Management are two sides of the same coin. The success of one depends on the success of the other. Therefore, it’s urgent that we abandon the framework where these two roles coexist as separate functions and look at it as One Team, with complementing skills.
This session will guide you through the model used by OutSystems engineering, making sure that Engineering and Product Management are in lockstep with regard to strategy, roadmap, allocation, and execution.
A model of a unified team is a big transformation step and requires a big change in mindset, so we’ll focus on organization and people management, strategy definition, prioritization sources and models, data-driven decision-making, and the key ceremonies that you and your team should implement.
Carlos Susa
Carlos Sousa
VP of Engineering, Outsystems

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