Olga Stamathioudaki

Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Director

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Olga Stamathioudaki

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May, 18
16:20 -


Every Mind Matters: Mental Wellbeing at the Workplace 
It's time to acknowledge that work has a significant impact on everyone's mental health, particularly younger workers and women. A poor working environment, overwhelming workload, and constant changes can transform mental wellbeing from a desirable perk to an essential business priority.

So, what does it take for companies to establish a sustainable work-life balance for their employees? By prioritizing mental wellbeing in the workplace and recognizing its connection to DEI and ESG, businesses can prepare for the future of work and a rapidly changing world.

In this session, Olga Stamathioudaki, Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Director at Qualco Group, will share her personal journey and insights to address this challenge.
Olga Stamathioudaki
Olga Stamathioudaki
Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Director
Mental Health

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