Rob Horn

Technical Principal Consultant, Thoughtworks

Rob is a Technical Principal at Thoughtworks. Known as an experienced and passionate technical leader, proven team facilitator, great communicator/translator and trusted advisor.

A seasoned agile delivery practitioner, he has spent around 15 of his 25+ year career working with clients, helping teams tackle legacy modernisation challenges across numerous sectors.

His primary passion is directed towards the growth and success of others, from junior talent at ThoughtWorks University, aspiring Tech Leads or future business leaders on our leadership development programmes and of course clients and their delivery teams.

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Rob Horn

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PLG Disrupt Summit 2023

May, 30, 2024
13:00 -
14:00 EEST
S/W Architecture

Patterns of Legacy Displacement

Every organization, from six-month-old startups to 30-year industry giants, has legacy systems. These systems hold your company's history but can also block the shift to a modern digital business. We've spent the last two decades helping companies revamp these old systems. We've learned what works and seen many attempts that don't.

In our talk, we'll share several successful strategies for updating legacy systems and some common mistakes to avoid. We'll go over specific methods, when they work best, and how you might use or steer clear of them, with real-life examples. The session includes insights from collaborative work with experts like Martin Fowler, James Lewis, and Ian Cartwright.
Rob Horn
Rob Horn
Technical Principal Consultant, Thoughtworks

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