Spiros Economakis

Head of Cloud Infrastructure, Mattermost

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Spiros Economakis

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A.I. Summit 2023

November, 2
10:25 -
11:25 EEST
Leveraging Large Language Models in a Communication Platform
In the ever-changing world of communication platforms, the integration of AI has completely transformed our interactions and collaborations. In this session, we will explore how AI can empower teams to streamline processes and increase engineering productivity in various domains. We will specifically focus on areas such as Site Reliability Engineering, Incident Management, Change Management, and more.

One of the main concerns surrounding AI integration is data privacy. In this session, Spiros Economakis Head of Cloud Infrastructure at Mattermost, will discuss how organizations can harness the power of AI without compromising the security of their private data or sharing it with third parties. Additionally, the session will delve into the role of Open Source AI Models.

In an era defined by collaboration and collective innovation, open-source models have become essential tools for making AI accessible to all. We will uncover how these models can be utilized within a communication platform, allowing for customization and adaptation to meet specific organizational needs.
Spiros Economakis
Spiros Economakis
Head of Cloud Infrastructure, Mattermost
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