Stijn Schuermans

Chief Product Officer, Satori Analytics

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Stijn Schuermans

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A.I. Summit 2023

November, 2
10:25 -


Learnings from Deploying Enterprise Open AI
In this talk Stijn Schuermans Head of Product at Satori Analytics, will discuss his experiences with implementing real-world Azure Open AI scenarios in the energy, financial services, and manufacturing sectors - based on data owned by enterprise businesses. Stijn will explain how by utilizing Open AI alongside proprietary data, enterprises can greatly enhance productivity. This can be achieved through various applications such as developing internal search assistants and chatbots, using language models for feature extraction, summarization, and documentation creation, as well as integrating it into process automation. During the talk, we will explore how to create tangible business value, going beyond the hype surrounding Open AI. Additionally, we will address common challenges faced by enterprises, including dealing with messy data, ensuring security, and protecting data privacy. Enterprises have already recognized the long-term significance of Open AI. Establishing a Centre of Excellence will be crucial for their competitive success.
Stijn Schuermans
Stijn Schuermans
Chief Product Officer, Satori Analytics
Chat GPT & Conversational A.I.
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