Do your Teams Deliver Software or Value?
In the dynamic environment of SaaS companies, addressing software complexity is paramount for engineering leaders. Subsequently, the emphasis shifts from simple software delivery to generating genuine value. This session by George Nikolaropoulos, SVP of Engineering at GWI will highlight user-centric development, agile methodologies, and data-driven decision-making as essential for delivering not only software but also substantial, enduring value to users.
George Nikolaropoulos
George Nikolaropoulos
SVP of Engineering, GWI
Thursday, May 30, 2024
10:45 -
11:05 EEST
Team Management


George Nikolaropoulos
SVP of Engineering, GWI

Accomplished architect and team leader who inspires innovation and drives success and growth. Has a background in banking, insurance, maritime, and marketing research industries. Always interested in product development, tech strategy, and artificial intelligence. Passionate about creating a culture of trust, collaboration, and creativity with a focus on making customers' lives better.

Currently focused on growing and leading engineering teams that create products normal people find impossible, deliver on time, and show respect.

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George Nikolaropoulos

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May, 30, 2024
11:05 -
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Team Management

Managing in a Post-Agile World

The success rate of software projects has more than doubled since the introduction of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development 23 years ago. Despite this, developers and their managers are increasingly turning their backs on so-called "Agile" just when we need it most. And the sad thing is that they are right; Agile is no longer agile. Let's look at what went wrong, and let's start a discussion about reapplying the core values of the Manifesto and reclaiming the benefits of agility for individuals, teams, and organizations.
David Thomas
David Thomas
Author of The Pragmatic Programmer

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