Fabrice des Mazery

CPO, Tripadvisor

Fabrice's journey kicked off as a three-time Product Entrepreneur, navigating the unpredictable waters of product creation with a healthy dose of humor (that's what he likes to think). Serendipity, mixed with a dash of chance encounters, steered him into the coveted roles of Product Leader at three IPOed companies: IBM, Deezer, and TripAdvisor. Now, when he's not deep in his CPO work, Fabrice has been on a 10-year mission to spice up the French and Spanish Product scenes. While his wife says he's a product-o-holic, Fabrice answers that, as always, she's completely right.

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Fabrice des Mazery

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May, 30, 2024
10:10 -
10:30 EEST
PM Leadership

Act Like an Owner, Challenge Like a VC

Product management is teeming with methods like Lean Canvas, RICE, and OKRs, crucial for planning and running tech projects. Yet, a shift towards valuing profitability over unchecked growth is changing the game.

Startups and tech firms are adjusting their strategies to focus on revenue and sustainable growth in response to economic shifts. This means we need to rethink our roles within companies and the broader market.

In this session, Fabrice des Mazery, Chief Product Officer at Tripadvisor, will share insights on transforming tech solutions from cost centers into profit generators. He will provide strategies and real-life examples to help products become key sources of profit along with a guide to product managers and tech experts in a business world that now requires judicious investment and expenditure.
Fabrice des Mazery
Fabrice des Mazery
CPO, Tripadvisor

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