Philipp Kanape

Global Head of Product & Product Design, Engel & Völkers

Philipp Kanape specializes in leading and reorganizing teams, with a focus on digital product portfolios. In his role as Global Head of Product and Product Design at Engel & Völkers, he adeptly coordinates a range of disciplines. His proactive, customer-focused approach has been pivotal in his past roles within fintech, insuretech, and mobility sectors as a designer and product manager. Founding multiple businesses has honed his skill in forming effective teams that deliver results. His guiding principle: "Can we build this? Yes, we can."

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PLG Disrupt Summit 2023

May, 30, 2024
17:40 -
18:00 EEST
Product Design

Rebooting the Future: Modernizing Legacy Systems

Dive into the complexities of updating legacy systems and discover strategies for a smooth transition to modern platforms. This session will equip attendees with an in-depth comprehension of the challenges associated with updating legacy systems and provide them with practical strategies to facilitate successful change. Specifically we will delve into:
1. Engel & Völkers Case Study: Analyze the company's transition from outdated to scalable systems, with a focus on their worldwide CRM overhaul and the insights gained.
2. Team Management in Digital Transformations: Discover effective leadership techniques and team management strategies during digital changes, along with essential practices for overcoming these obstacles.
3. Choosing Modernization Solutions: Discuss the selection of appropriate modernization approaches, taking into account standards and criteria essential for triumphant transformations.
4. Measuring Success Post-Transformation: Investigate methods for assessing and improving the impact of modernization efforts, ensuring ongoing enhancement through feedback and data analysis.
Philipp Kanape
Global Head of Product & Product Design, Engel & Völkers

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