Sofia Michili

Group Product Manager, Hotjar

Product leader with over 10 years experience in tech, product and design in various industries and product offerings. My mission is to empower PMs to grow and create products with real impact for users and the business.

Strong believer in iterative product development, I like to challenge my team to think of the smallest possible increment to deliver user value and learn from user feedback and data. I also believe the biggest impact can be achieved by bigger bets, not small product optimizations and encourage my team to look for real impact in what they do.

In her free time she likes to challenge herself to learn new things, live offline, teach product and help stray cats in Athens.

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Sofia Michili

Upcoming Sessions

May, 30, 2024
11:30 -
12:15 EEST
Product Metrics

How to Measure your Product Success with KPI Trees

Measuring the success of a product is crucial for any business strategy. This workshop will focus on utilizing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and KPI trees to effectively measure product success.

A KPI tree is a structured visualization tool that breaks down overall business or product objectives into specific, measurable metrics. It resembles a tree, with a main objective as the trunk, key results as limbs, and individual KPIs as branches.

The benefits of using KPI trees include clarity, focus, alignment, and easier issue identification. By breaking down objectives, teams gain a clear understanding of what needs to be achieved and can concentrate efforts on improving metrics that directly impact higher-level goals. KPI trees also ensure alignment among employees and facilitate the diagnosis of issues at a granular level.
Sofia Michili
Sofia Michili
Group Product Manager, Hotjar

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A.I. Summit 2023

November, 2
12:30 -
12:50 EEST
Quick Session
AI for Product...Hype or the New Normal?
In recent months, there has been a surge of AI-powered products flooding the market. In this session, we will guide you through identifying user needs and utilizing AI as a catalyst to address genuine customer requirements.

Sofia Michili, Group Product Manager at Hotjar, will demonstrate insights on identifying use cases for AI in your product and integrating them into your product development roadmap. Sofia will also explore the challenges and considerations associated with these developments, providing strategies to overcome them.

Lastly, you will learn how Hotjar identified and solved real user needs with their new AI features in a short timeframe.
Sofia Michili
Sofia Michili
Group Product Manager, Hotjar
A.I. in Product Management

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