Using Metrics and UX Diagnostics to Optimize Product-Led Onboarding
In this session, Michal Mike Pilawski, Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Lokalize, will discuss the metrics, frameworks, and UX diagnostics he uses to pinpoint issues in the sign-up and onboarding process. He will outline his approach for identifying growth optimization opportunities when joining new companies. Additionally, he will offer strategies to assist product designers and managers in finding the best solutions to these problems.
Mike Pilawski
Mike Pilawski
Chief Product Officer, Lokalise
Thursday, May 30, 2024
16:40 -
17:00 EEST
Product-Led Growth


Mike Pilawski
Chief Product Officer, Lokalise

Mike Pilawski, has extensive experience in growth, product, data, and design. His previous roles include CPTO at Smallpdf, COO at Typeform, and leadership positions at Nativex, Vungle (Liftoff), and Leanplum (CleverTap). They began their career at Nokia and hold an MBA from Wharton Business School, a Master in Engineering from Aalto University, and an M.A. in Finance from the University of Szczecin.

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Mike Pilawski

From the Same Track

May, 30, 2024
17:40 -
18:00 EEST
Product Design

Rebooting the Future: Modernizing Legacy Systems

Dive into the complexities of updating legacy systems and discover strategies for a smooth transition to modern platforms. This session will equip attendees with an in-depth comprehension of the challenges associated with updating legacy systems and provide them with practical strategies to facilitate successful change. Specifically we will delve into:
1. Engel & Völkers Case Study: Analyze the company's transition from outdated to scalable systems, with a focus on their worldwide CRM overhaul and the insights gained.
2. Team Management in Digital Transformations: Discover effective leadership techniques and team management strategies during digital changes, along with essential practices for overcoming these obstacles.
3. Choosing Modernization Solutions: Discuss the selection of appropriate modernization approaches, taking into account standards and criteria essential for triumphant transformations.
4. Measuring Success Post-Transformation: Investigate methods for assessing and improving the impact of modernization efforts, ensuring ongoing enhancement through feedback and data analysis.
Philipp Kanape
Global Head of Product & Product Design, Engel & Völkers

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May, 30, 2024
14:05 -
14:25 EEST
Product-Led Growth

Using Product Data & Insights to Deliver Value & Drive Business Outcomes

Modern software teams know the importance of measuring product usage, but product-led organizations go one step further, leveraging those insights to build better customer experiences and deliver ROI for their companies.

Product-led companies break down data silos and use product insights to inform strategy up to the executive level. Data is the common language across the organization, and each department monitors usage and behavioral insights to ensure the product delivers maximum value to the customer.

Join Brian Walsh, SVP and GM of products and platform at Pendo, to learn how to leverage product data throughout your organization to drive business outcomes.
Brian Walsh
Brian Walsh
SVP Product, GM, Core Products and Platform, Pendo

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May, 30, 2024
13:00 -
13:45 EEST

Your Guide to Roadmapping: How to Unleash Customer-Facing Skills & Craft an Irresistible Product Roadmap

This workshop will instruct participants on creating a customer-centric roadmap, essential for business prosperity. Participants will acquire skills to comprehend customer needs, prioritize satisfaction, and foster robust relationships. Through interactive exercises, attendees will learn to tailor presentations to address customer challenges and enhance credibility.

The session offers methods to simplify technical information for clients, encompassing lucid communication strategies, case analyses, and practical activities. Attendees will also master addressing customer concerns and expectations, thereby improving transparency and fostering relationships via role-playing and discourse. Strategies for engaging with customer inquiries and resistance will be covered, with an emphasis on active listening and empathetic interaction, as well as managing question-and-answer sessions efficiently.

Conclusively, attendees will develop practical skills to promote a customer-focused strategy, refine presentations, elucidate technical matters, address concerns, and navigate objections.
Despina Kitsou
Despina Kitsou
Senior Product Line Manager, Nokia

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May, 30, 2024
11:30 -
12:15 EEST
Product Metrics

How to Measure your Product Success with KPI Trees

Measuring the success of a product is crucial for any business strategy. This workshop will focus on utilizing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and KPI trees to effectively measure product success.

A KPI tree is a structured visualization tool that breaks down overall business or product objectives into specific, measurable metrics. It resembles a tree, with a main objective as the trunk, key results as limbs, and individual KPIs as branches.

The benefits of using KPI trees include clarity, focus, alignment, and easier issue identification. By breaking down objectives, teams gain a clear understanding of what needs to be achieved and can concentrate efforts on improving metrics that directly impact higher-level goals. KPI trees also ensure alignment among employees and facilitate the diagnosis of issues at a granular level.
Sofia Michili
Sofia Michili
Group Product Manager, Hotjar

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May, 30, 2024
09:50 -
10:10 EEST
Product Strategy

Scaling Globally: Striking the Ideal Balance Between Expansion and Local Customization

Join Amber Clifford as she explores the product strategy fundamental to a critical business decision: international expansion. In this session, Amber will outline her methodology for initiating new markets from a product perspective. She will concentrate on the strategies she utilizes to decide between hyper-localization and a scaled approach. Acquire invaluable knowledge from her broad expertise as an expert in international expansion, with work experience spanning more than 120 countries and territories with organizations such as Uber Eats and Disney+.
amber clifford
Amber Clifford
Founder, Murai International Consulting (Ex-Disney+, Ex-Uber)

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