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We embarked on a mission to map PLG best practices across the SaaS landscape. This is why we launched Product-Led Growth Labs, an ongoing initiative aiming that will feature & examine the latest insights, trends, and best practices that affect Product-Led Growth practices.

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Since 2019, where we put our first research together, we realized that Product-Led Growth keeps evolving by the day.

The Product-Led Growth Labs initiative aims to uncover the latest trends on the matter, by conducting a series of surveys, share the industry’s latest insights by interviewing thought leaders on a variety of domains, and raise the voice of our community.

Our goal? To educate the SaaS community on all things Product-Led.


The State of Product-Led Growth 2021 is out and it will be the first of the many surveys to follow. Contribute and get featured in our thank you section.

Research Publications

Download our former publications entirely for free and learn via the practices of PLG paragons, the likes of Hubspot, Gainsight, Pendo and more.

Learn from Thought Leaders

One-to-one interviews with industry thought leaders, exploring growth levers, trends and challenges they undergo while making the PLG transition.

Raise Your Voice

Do you practice PLG? Is there a case your organization is undergoing a Product-Led transformation? If yes, then we definitely want to hear from you.

Latest PLG Insights

Product Operations Lessons From Calendly

Despina Exadakylou, Founder at Product-Led Growth Hub sat down with Srinivas Somayajula to discuss how Calendly’s Product-Led Growth levers are reimbursed via product operations practices.

Demystifying Zendesk's PLG Levers

Teresa Anania VP of Global Customer Success & Renewals at Zendesk, explains why PLG helps the customer support leader internally to accelerate its growth levers.

Up Next: Digital Adoption For The Enterprise

Allison Skidmore Global Head Customer Success & Renewals at SAP Customer Experience, explains to us how the software solutions leader, accelerates digital adoption by putting customers needs in the center of its organization.

Our Latest Survey is Out

The State of Product-Led Growth 2022

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Into Product-Led Growth? We Cannot Wait to Hear from You!

If you are into Product-Led Growth – or even considering making the transition – and you want to share your insights with our community the Product-Led Growth labs offer you an opportunity to do just that. Each month we will offer the opportunity to our community members to share their learnings and challenges on Product-Led Growth – while hosting them on our channels and special research publications.

What does this entail?

  1. You are an active member of our Slack community.
  2. Filling the form below and let us know on which topic you want to get featured.
  3. One hour from your time to record your session
  4. How can you get started? Just click below to fill in your application and we will get back to you!

Research Publications

The State of Product-Led Growth 2019

Data and insights from 40+ Product-Led Organizations.

Hubspot’s Product-Led Onboarding

Product-Led Growth study on Hubspot’s Product-Led Onboarding levers.

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